Annual Sangha Picnic

Every summer our Sangha gets together for a picnic. We enjoy beautiful weather, delicious food, and good company.

Annual Sangha Picnic

Sangha Movie Nights

Occassionally we host a Sangha Movie Night where we show a Buddhism-related film for the Sangha. Past screenings have included Departures and Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring at The Magic Lantern, and Secondhand Lions at The Shop. Keep an eye on our news page for information about the next Sangha Movie Night!

Sangha Movie Nights

Sangha makes Senbei

Our Sangha has a blast getting together to make senbei crackers for our food bazaars! We spend a Saturday rolling, cutting, and frying dough; coating the crackers with sauce and baking them; and bagging it all up for sale. It's such a great time to chat with and get to know other members of the sangha better, have some free lunch, and at the end of the day you can even munch on the reject sebei.

Sangha makes Senbei

History of the Spokane Buddhist Temple

In 1945, with a nucleus of six dedicated Buddhists, the first Sunday service was performed by Reverend Eiyu Terao in a rented apartment at S. 516 Cowley Street. A month later a residence was purchased a half block south at S. 628 Cowley. A shrine, a gift from the Toppenish Buddhist Church, and a scroll with the inscription "Namu Amida Butsu" was installed in 1946. On October 3, 1948, the statue of Amida Buddha was enshrined and the Church was officially dedicated. The ceremony was officiated by Bishop Enryo Shigefuji.

After Reverend Terao was transferred to California his brother, William, became the resident minister in 1952.

Original Temple (click here to enlarge)With the growth in membership a need for larger facilities became evident and the present building with adjoining gymnasium at S. 927 Perry Street was purchased from the Liberty Heights Baptist Church on April 1, 1965 and was dedicated on October 16, 1966.

Reverend William Terao left the Spokane area in 1972, and Reverend Ikuo Nishimura of the Yakima Buddhist Church served the congregation on a once-a-month basis until June 1973, when Reverend Shingo Hattori was assigned was assigned as the resident minister until his departure in December 1976. Reverend Ichiju Yamana arrived on March 1, 1978.

Temple Fire (Click to enlarge)


The Perry Street Church was destroyed by an arson fire on April 23, 1992. The original shine was saved by firefighters and is still in use in the newly rebuilt church.

(View an image of the construction)


Temple rededication (Click to enlarge)


The current Spokane Buddhist Church was rededicated on October 1, 1994.

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