Annual Sangha Picnic

Every summer our Sangha gets together for a picnic. We enjoy beautiful weather, delicious food, and good company.

Annual Sangha Picnic

Sangha Movie Nights

Occassionally we host a Sangha Movie Night where we show a Buddhism-related film for the Sangha. Past screenings have included Departures and Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring at The Magic Lantern, and Secondhand Lions at The Shop. Keep an eye on our news page for information about the next Sangha Movie Night!

Sangha Movie Nights

Sangha makes Senbei

Our Sangha has a blast getting together to make senbei crackers for our food bazaars! We spend a Saturday rolling, cutting, and frying dough; coating the crackers with sauce and baking them; and bagging it all up for sale. It's such a great time to chat with and get to know other members of the sangha better, have some free lunch, and at the end of the day you can even munch on the reject sebei.

Sangha makes Senbei

71st Annual Northwest Buddhist Convention

Coming Down the Mountain to Spokane. 71st Northwest Buddhist Convention. February 16th through 18th, 2016. At Hotel R.L. Spokane At The Park, in Spokane Washington. Keynote speaker: Reverend Henry Adams. Sponsored by the Spokane Buddhist Temple. Website:




Keynote Speaker:

Reverend Henry Adams

San Mateo Buddhist Temple


The NW Buddhist Convention includes two services, a choice of 12 workshops, fun Friday night activities, Dharma school & YBA activities and workshops, a banquet, a hospitality room, and the BCA bookstore. The full Convention Schedule will be posted in December.


Registration: Adult $125 / Children-College Age $40-$90


Registration Deadline: January 10, 2018


Convention Chairs: Celeste Sterrett ( or Mari Haworth (


Registration Coordinator: Karen Vielle (


Convention Information

On-line Registration

Hotel information (pdf)

Consent to Treat A Minor & Code of Ethics form (to print) (pdf)

Individual Registration Form (to print) (pdf)

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