Sangha Movie Nights

Occassionally we host a Sangha Movie Night where we show a Buddhism-related film for the Sangha. Past screenings have included Departures and Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring at The Magic Lantern, and Secondhand Lions at The Shop. Keep an eye on our news page for information about the next Sangha Movie Night!

Sangha Movie Nights

Sangha makes Senbei

Our Sangha has a blast getting together to make senbei crackers for our food bazaars! We spend a Saturday rolling, cutting, and frying dough; coating the crackers with sauce and baking them; and bagging it all up for sale. It's such a great time to chat with and get to know other members of the sangha better, have some free lunch, and at the end of the day you can even munch on the reject sebei.

Sangha makes Senbei

Annual Sangha Picnic

Every summer our Sangha gets together for a picnic. We enjoy beautiful weather, delicious food, and good company.

Annual Sangha Picnic

Calendar of Events

Two meditation groups meeting at the Spokane Buddhist Temple:

Passage Meditation Support Group

Satsang group is meeting regularly on Tuesdays. We are focusing on Sri Easwaran's form of passage meditation and his 8-Point Program for daily living. This form of meditation fits very well with our Buddhist as well as any spiritual path. Passage meditation was designed specifically for the Western monkey mind. It is a very disciplined approach to slowing down and focusing. It is difficult but very rewarding!

We suggest that interested people read Sri Easwaran's book - Passage Meditation - that can be found on the web, or at Auntie's bookstore - and then practice meditating for a month before joining our group. Also available is "Learn to Meditate" - on the web.

Introductory Passage Meditation Workshop

Introductory workshop introducing Sri Easwaran's form of Passage Meditation, specifically designed for the Western “monkey mind.”

4-week session Tuesdays   6 - 7:30 pm - January 10 - January 31,  2017

Format: video instruction and discussion followed by 1/2 hour of meditation.
More information: Sri Easwaran's book Passage Meditation is available at local bookstores and through the internet at NO FEE but a donation to the Temple is suggested.

“The principle of meditation is simple: you are what you think. By meditating on words that embody your highest ideals, you drive them deep into your consciousness.” Sri Eknath Easwaran


Vipassana Meditation Sitting

This sitting group meets weekly on Wednesdays at the Temple, from 5:30-6:30 pm, and offers both an introduction to Recollective Awareness meditation, as well as a place for more experienced meditators to continue their investigations.

Instructions are given at 5:30, but people often arrive a few minutes early to settle in. After the instructions, we sit for 45 minutes and then have an optional, but recommended, reporting group. During this time, individuals report on their meditation and the teacher asks questions about it. This is often followed by a discussion and an impromptu dharma talk. This group is appropriate for those new to meditation practice and those more experienced. One need not commit to attending every week, but as one’s schedule permits. There is no fee for this, since the teachings are given in the spirit of generosity. Participants often return this generosity with that of their own and give a monetary donation (or dana.)

If you have questions or would like more information on sitting groups, workshops and meditation instruction, please call Mary Webster at 509-535-1458, or email her at

Mary is a teacher with the Skillful Meditation Project and a trained Vipassana meditation teacher.

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